Rewilding Projects and Local Groups

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Local network
Glen Affric Trees for Life
Affric Highlands
  • Highland
A bold and ambitious landscape scale project in the central highlands
Member Project
Credit: Bamff Estate & Dave Maric
Bamff Estate
  • Perthshire
  • Medium
An eco-estate on the edge of the Scottish Highlands, well known for its beaver project and abundant wildlife
Member Project
DJI 0412
Beldorney Estate
  • Banffshire, Scotland
  • Medium

Developing a world leading open innovation site for rewilding

Member Project
Waterfall Alice Mc Court
Benshaw Moor
  • Elsdon, Northumberland
  • Medium

Wild Uplands: Rewilding upland heathland and peatland

Member Project
Intensive grazing areas to be rewilded alongside recovering moorland
Broughton Sanctuary
  • Broughton, Yorkshire
  • Medium

Serving a new way of life - reconnecting people with nature through rewilding

Member Project
Entrance to Bunloit
Bunloit Estate
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Medium

Rewilding the Scottish Highlands for biodiversity, carbon capture and local communities

Member Project
Natural regeneration at Birchen Edge
Burbage and Eastern Moors
  • Sheffield, Yorkshire
  • Large

A rich tapestry of habitats and wildlife guided by natural processes

Member Project
Cabilla 422
Cabilla Cornwall
  • Bodmin Moor, Cornwall
  • Medium

Restoring an ancient and beautiful temperate rainforest wilderness

Member Project
Cattle in woodland 26 08 20
Cambrian Wildwood / Coetir Anian
  • Glaspwll, near Machynlleth, Ceredigion
  • Medium

Restoring habitats and species in the wildwood to connect people with wildlife and wild places

Member Project
  • North Brewham, Somerset
  • Medium

Rewilding lowland Somerset

Local network
Photo 8 west
Cliff to Carn - a project for a Wilder Penwith
  • Cornwall
An exciting, unique, grassroots nature recovery project, linking up landowners and the community
Member Project Marine
Credit: COAST
Community of Arran Seabed Trust (Coast)
  • Arran and the Clyde
  • Marine
A ground-breaking community led project rewilding the seas around Arran and the Clyde