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Grange Project

Bringing back the wild side of Monmouthshire

Grange project grasslands
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The Grange Project has a big vision – to restore ecosystems, support the local community, develop education and wellbeing programmes, and help to influence decision making. In a drive to inspire those outside of the rewilding community, Chloe and Tom are also documenting their journey from the perspective of complete amateurs through their Wilder Podcast, with the support of some of the most knowledgeable and passionate voices in rewilding.

The farm was purchased in 2023 and comprises improved grassland which was being used as pasture. It’s now transitioning from farmland to a place of many identities: a mosaic of habitats for wildlife to thrive and to educate and inspire visitors; a place that produces sustainable food to serve the local community; and a beautiful environment for people to learn, connect and flourish.


The main interventions to kick-start natural processes include creating new habitats, such as ponds and wetlands, alongside tree and scrub planting. This will create more opportunities for wildlife by breaking up the grassland and improving habitat diversity. 

Natural regeneration is being encouraged through the removal of grazing animals. A small number of cattle may be introduced to the area in the future, once the vegetation has been allowed to recover. 


The vision for the site includes developing new nature-based tourism, including log cabins, alongside education and wellbeing programmes hosted in a beautiful converted barn on site. Chloe intends to use her background in clinical psychology to run courses focusing on the systemic resilience required to address the climate and biodiversity crises, while Tom will use his background in business to support ecopreneurs as they set-up and thrive on site.

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future plans

  1. Collecting baseline information to develop the rewilding strategy and vison for the area
  2. Share learnings and rewilding updates through the Wilder Podcast
  3. Increase volunteer and community engagement
  4. Develop the holistic project strategy to include our nature based enterprises
Grange project grasslands
 © Grange Project

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