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Looking for a sign to take the plunge and start rewilding? Or want to join a growing movement? There are lots of ways to take practical action.

Grey whale tail
 © Jan Dirk Hansen / Shutterstock

Think Big. Act Wild.

We need the UK Government to Think Big and Act Wild for nature, people and planet. Sign the petition via our online platform.

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A man and a woman sat on a rock looking out from a scenic viewpoint above Uath Lochans in the Cairngorms National Park
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Help Scotland become a Rewilding Nation

Support Scotland in becoming the world’s first Rewilding Nation, committing to nature recovery across 30% of land and seas.

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Seagull flying down on Lake in Lake District
 © Rumman Amin / Unsplash

Wilder National Parks

Discover a future where national parks are teeming with wildlife, where healthy ecosystems help absorb carbon and control flooding and local people thrive.

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Barn owl in oak tree
 © James Warwick / Wildscreen

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Rewilding updates, news and events to start your own rewilding journey.

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Looking at the views at Knepp
 © Alastair Driver

Visit or stay at a rewilding project

See rewilding in action. Search for a rewilding project near you.

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Butterfly wildflowers
 © Petra Craig / Shutterstock

Make your garden wilder

If you want to do your bit to help nature recover, here are 10 ways to go that little bit wilder in your own garden.

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Gilfach woodland
 © Martin Wright

12 steps to rewilding

If you want to start rewilding, or you’re just interested in a rewilding approach, then take yourself through these 12 steps.

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Close up of clasped hands at climate protest
 © Thomas Margraf / Shutterstock

World Rewilding Day

Each year on World Rewilding Day people across the globe join together to celebrate rewilding’s vision for nature recovery. Join in on 20 March.

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