Think big. Act wild.

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Seven ways that rewilding can help give us and nature a brighter future.

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Think Long Term.
Think Joined Up.
Think Natural Processes.
Think Climate Resilience.

Think Big.
Act Wild.

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What’s a keystone species, where do people fit in and what do you need to get started? Take a rewilding journey of discovery with us

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Help create a thriving future for people and nature across Britain

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Rewilding and the climate emergency

Nature is our best ally in the fight against climate change. Find out how rewilding can help fix the climate crisis.

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Now is not the time to water down funding for ELMs

As the nation rides a stormy political sea, Rewilding Britain Director Alastair Driver keeps his eyes firmly on the horizon and insists that the Government keeps its promise on funding for nature recovery, if we’re to secure a genuinely sustainable future for people and wildlife in this country.

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Case Study: Wild Ken Hill

Wild Ken Hill, a family-owned holding in Norfolk, achieved national prominence through BBC Springwatch. Find out how rewilding is helping the farm to boost revenue, profits and employment

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Case Study: Knepp Estate

Knepp Estate is probably the most famous rewilding project in Britain. We shine a light on its successful business model

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