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Our vision

We have big ambitions. Find out what we’ve set out to achieve through rewilding.

Child showing oyster as part of Seawilding's oyster reintroduction
 © Seawilding

The world we want to see

We want to see rewilding flourishing in Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the extinction and climate crises.

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Temperate rainforest
 © Cabilla

2030 Vision & Strategy

Our mission is to see a mosaic of species-rich habitats restored and connected across at least 30% of Britain’s land and sea by 2030.

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Flock of Avocets flying
 © Bertie Gregory / 2020VISION

Our values

Rewilding Britain is guided by five core values, which we’re individually and collectively committed to put into practice.

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