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Our values

Rewilding Britain is guided by five core values, which we’re individually and collectively committed to put into practice.

Flock of Avocets flying
 © Bertie Gregory / 2020VISION

1. We’re visionary

  • We want to see rewilding flourishing across Britain – reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the climate emergency and the extinction crisis.
  • We encourage a wide diversity of views and new, creative thinking because we can all play a role in building a better world.

2. We’re inspiring

  • We believe a world where we live alongside wild nature is possible, if only we chose to make it happen.
  • We encourage people to take action towards a hopeful, positive future for our planet that matches the scale of the challenges we face

3. We’re pioneering

  • We’re first movers who champion bold, concrete action now.
  • We love to explore innovative and new solutions in this ever-changing world.

4. We’re collaborative

  • We work in partnership with others, catalysing networks of enthusiasts because we all have a role in building a better future for people, nature and climate. 
  • We embrace the connection of people to the land and sea because if nature thrives, we all thrive. 

5. We’re credible

  • We are always guided by the best available scientific evidence and technical expertise.
  • We use real life experiences and stories to support and inform our approach