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Wild Oakingham

Rewilding in the Chilterns

Wild Oakingham cattle
 © Wild Oakingham

Wild Oakingham is a 200 acre site nestled in the Chiltern hills. Previously a stud farm, the site was handed over to nature in March 2021. This involved an immediate conversion to organic, removal of all internal paddock fencing and cessation of all ploughing/​tilling.

Hedgerows have been encouraged to billow out, ancient woodland to naturally regenerate, dead wood to fall (and remain) and thorny scrub to establish. Light grazing has been introduced by native Longhorn cattle. Wild Oakingham has become a fluffy, messy wilderness, home to a myriad of species and a symphony of birdsong.


Internal fencing has been removed to allow Longhorn cattle to graze across the whole area, creating a mosaic of wood pasture habitats. 


Whilst no nature based enterprises currently exist, options are being considered including organic venison sales, Sloe gin production, and eco-tourism trips such as foraging, wreath making, wildlife watching and education programmes. 

  • Cattle at Wild Oakingham
     © Wild Oakingham
  • Wild Oakingham  grasslands
     © Wild Oakingham

future plans

  1. Habitat restoration including creation of the dew pond
Wild Oakingham cattle
 © Wild Oakingham

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