Torosay Hills

Restoring wild landscapes to the Isle of Mull 


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Torosay Hills, Isle of Mull


3,000 hectares

Start date





Upland, Broadleaved woodland, Lakes and ponds, Grassland and meadow, Heathlands and shrub, Coastal (including beach, sand dunes) and Marine (underwater including kelp forest)

Key species

Salmon and Sea trout

Rewilding actions

Deer control and Natural regeneration

Engaging people

Volunteering, Recreation and Education programme

Torosay Hills are at the start of a journey towards thriving landscapes – but it’s a long journey! They have developed a 150 year vision for Torosay Hills to encourage the restoration of nature rich landscapes for people and wildlife. The Highland estate covers 3,000 ha across the Isle of Mull, running from sea level and eventually rising up to Mull’s second highest peak. The estate supports a rich mosaic of habitats, from marine environments to ancient remnants of upland birch woodland. But these are fragmented within the landscape, with no new regeneration occurring. The estate wants to change that – to encourage natural regeneration of a mosaic of habitats to connect up the remnants and allow wildlife to thrive.

Education and sharing experiences are central to the project. The journey will be shared with all, from islands and visitors to business manages, children and teachers. The team want to provide an inspirational landscape and a flourishing wild environment. It is hoped that Torosay Hills will become a beacon that represents a commitment to all future generations.


Following extensive consultation with a range of professionals as well as the local community, the project will be restored in phases. Woodland and peatland restoration is proposed to enhance these important yet degraded habitats. A more dynamic marine environment will also be promoted on site, where burnes, rivers, lochs and the coastline bustle with life.

Grazing pressure from sheep and deer will be reduced on site. This will allow natural regeneration to kick start on site, supplemented with targeted native tree planting.

Images: Torosay Hills


Torosay map
Torosay marine

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Future Plans

  1. 1 Continuing to work with the local community to restore habitats in phases

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