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Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Organic farm on the Berkshire Downs committed to enhancing biodiversity through natural processes.

Misty view
 © Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Sheepdrove Organic Farm is dedicated to building on its dream of sustainability and self-sufficiency — continually working to improve its management of energy, water, soil and other natural resources. It invests in projects to conserve and enhance biodiversity.

The conversion to organic farming was a hugely positive experience for Sheepdrove, protecting them from the polluting chemicals of neighbouring farms and enabling them to recreate the original downland landscape. Now it’s ready to go further with an ambitious plan for rewilding as much as possible.

Sheepdrove already supports several nature based enterprises — , wedding and venue hire, and a natural burial ground. They also have plans to extend this with new enterprises including camping and glamping. It is anticipated that an increase in visitors to the project will also benefit local businesses.

An educational programme has also been planned for the project. In addition, local volunteers are engaged to collect bird and butterfly data for the project.


Planned reduction in sheep grazing to allow the introduction of other herbivores. Natural regeneration of woodlands will be encouraged and strengthened with native tree planting where appropriate.

  • Signpost in a field at Sheepdrove Organic Farm
     © Sheepdrove Organic Farm
  • Rolling hills at Sheepdrove Organic Farm
     © Neil Moore / Sheepdrove Organic Farm
  • Sheepdrove
  • Sheepdrove where assisted regeneration will allow trees and shrub growth to spread
     © Alastair Driver

future plans

  1. Introduction of more natural processes to establish natural downland habitat
  2. Connecting rewilding with existing educational initiatives
  3. Continue monitoring bird and butterfly populations with volunteers
Misty view
 © Sheepdrove Organic Farm

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