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Community Rewilding Allestree Park

Britain’s largest urban rewilding project.

Allestree spring ake
 © Katherine Clarke / Derbyshire WT

The Allestree Park project is an exciting urban rewilding project in Derbyshire. The project aims to engage with the local community to co-design and deliver a community rewilding project to create the largest urban rewilding site in England. 

Allestree Park is the largest open space in Derby, a city with a population of 250,000 people. The site is a former municipal golf course and also includes a local nature reserve and mixed woodland. Derby City Council is working with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, the University of Derby and Friends of Allestree Park to develop the community rewilding project. 

Allestree Park will help connect existing habitats around Derby and help the city meet its climate commitments whilst also providing everyday access to quality nature experiences to local residents. Engagement with local communities include community co-design, volunteering, a new community orchard, a wellbeing hub, accessible and inclusive self-led recreational opportunities and programme of engagement opportunities (Wild Schools, Junior Rangers, Nature Tots, events and activities).

The project has three main aims:

1. Allestree Park is abundant with good quality wildlife and responding to the nature and climate emergency; nature is leading nature’s recovery, natural processes such as hydrology, natural regeneration, and nutrient cycling, have been kick started to ensure they are present and sustained, and more carbon is being stored. 

2. People are at the heart of caring for Allestree Park; people are benefiting from an increased connection to nature through having good quality nature experiences on their doorstep and are more likely to support and deliver positive environmental actions. 

3. Allestree Park Community Rewilding is an exemplar urban community rewilding project, influencing policy and practice in urban green spaces across Derbyshire and beyond. 


This rewilding project is at the strategy planning stage and the final detail hasn’t been decided yet. The actions planned to kickstart rewilding on the site include expanding the range of grazing animals, supporting natural regeneration, wetland creation and reintroducing key species.

  • Grassy meadow landscape with trees
     © Monica Monticelli / Derbyshire WT
  • Grass and meadow with trees
     © Monica Monticelli / Derbyshire WT
  • Couple walking down a verdant path
     © Monica Monticelli / Derbyshire WT
  • Couple walking through grass
     © Monica Monticelli / Derbyshire WT
Allestree park rewilders
 © Martin Wright

Meet the Rewilders: Allestree

Meet some of the many people behind Allestree Park, Britain’s largest urban rewilding project.

Allestree spring ake
 © Katherine Clarke / Derbyshire WT

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