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Cefn Garthenor

Dychwelyd y gwyllt yn ôl i Orllewin Cymru /​Putting the Wild back into Wild West Wales

Cefn Garthenor rewilding area
Credit: Cefn Garthenor  © Cefn Garthenor

Former sheep and cattle farm in the foothills of the Cambrian mountains on poor” land. This area is now rewilding, using a combination of Galloway cattle and Tamworth pigs to create a mosaic of habitats, providing opportunities to support a range of wildlife. 

The area has been relatively lightly managed over the last century, with a lot of marshy grassland and some wet woodland. Around 30% is designated part of the Rhosydd Bryn-Maen SSSI, the citation for which includes the marsh fritillary butterfly, Lilljeborg’s whorl snail and the oxbow diving beetle. Many of the old hedges have grown out to create linear woodland strips. There is one small stream (Nant y March) but also lot of water in the drainage ditches created to drain the farmland over the few hundred years. Around 20% of the area, located in the highest parts, is semi-improved grassland which has the look of conventional green fields. 


Sheep have been replaced by Galloways, a hardy old breed of cattle, which graze outdoors throughout the year. A couple of Tamworth pigs are helping nature get a foothold by creating a little disruption. Ponds and scraps have been created. Work is being undertaken to turn the semi-improved fields into more nature rich habitats with elements of wildflower meadow and wooded pasture.


The project are looking at grow native trees from seed to sapling and also wildflower seeds and plugs for sale, providing a new income source for the project.

  • Education programme at Cefn Garthenor
     © Cefn Garthenor
  • Tamworth pig kick-starting rewilding
     © Cefn Garthenor
  • Native woodland now naturally regenerating
     © Cefn Garthenor
  • Cattle extensively grazing Cefn Garthenor
     © Cefn Garthenor

future plans

  1. Focus of work is on the semi-improved grassland and getting much more nature back in this area with wildflowers and tree and shrub planting
Cefn Garthenor rewilding area
 © Cefn Garthenor

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