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World Rewilding Day

Each year on World Rewilding Day people across the globe join together to celebrate rewilding’s vision for nature recovery. Join in on 20 March.

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This global event harnesses the momentum of the multitude of people around the world who are on their rewilding journey, or simply believe in its power for change. 

At Rewilding Britain we champion the successes of rewilding throughout the year, particularly that of our Rewilding Network, but World Rewilding Day – which falls just as spring starts here in Britain – is always an important moment for us to reflect on what rewilding has achieved. And to think forward to what more we can achieve if we make space for nature. 

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World Rewilding Day 2024:


This year, the focus is on showcasing how the hope inspired by rewilding translates into tangible actions on the ground, bringing about real change for both nature and people.

For World Rewilding Day 2024, whose theme is #HopeIntoAction, we look back on the top 10 rewilding moments of 2023. As we celebrate these achievements, let’s ask ourselves: How can we contribute to the rewilding movement and bring more hope into action in the year ahead?

How did World Rewilding Day come about?

As a member of the Global Rewilding Alliance, Rewilding Britain helped establish the event at the signing of the​‘Global Rewilding Charter’ in March 2021. The first-ever World Rewilding Day was launched to coincide with the start of the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration – to demonstrate that rewilding is central to achieving the important goals of this decade.

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Why rewild?

Rewilding offers hope for tackling the nature and climate emergencies, while delivering a cascade of benefits for people. It’s the large-scale restoration of nature until it can take care of itself again.

Four ways you can celebrate World Rewilding Day

  1. Spread the rewilding story far and wide, by sharing our posts on social media or telling others why rewilding brings you hope (in 2024 the hashtag is #HopeIntoAction). Sharing information and motivating people are essential parts of World Rewilding Day.

  2. Help scale up nature’s recovery by making a donation to Rewilding Britain, supporting our burgeoning Rewilding Network of hundreds of rewilders across Britain, and enabling us to advocate for rewilding to be embedded in policy. There’s no amount too small. Or why not get creative and set up your own fundraiser for us?

  3. Start rewilding if you can! Whether you have a garden, a smallholding, access to a lot of land, or simply would like to support rewilding in your community by being part of a local network, there is something for everyone.

  4. Set yourself up for a regular dose of hope in your inbox by signing up for our e‑newsletter today. We’ll deliver inspirational stories from the rewilding world to wherever you are.