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Case study: Cabilla Cornwall

See how beavers are shaping the landscape in Cornwall.

Baby beavers
 © Cam Goodhead / Cabilla

Beavers are incredible eco-engineers, boosting biodiversity, reducing flooding and even improving water quality. Learn how beavers are shaping the landscape at Cabilla Cornwall, one of the members of our Rewilding Network.

Rewilding Superstar: Beavers

Why beavers are rewilding superstars | Filmed at Cabilla Cornwall
Filmed and edited by Chris Thomas. Beaver footage by Cameron Goodhead.
 © Cam Goodhead / Cabilla Cornwall

Find out more about Cabilla Cornwall

Cabilla Cornwall in Bodmin Moor is an upland hill farm supporting a mosaic of ancient oak woodland, temperate rainforest, wildflower meadows and ancient rivers. 

Cabilla Cornwall