Rewilding Britain’s Incubator Fund

Our new fund to foster the scale and ambition of rewilding projects

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The first round of our Incubator Fund is now closed. Look out for our next round in early 2022. (C) Philip Price/

We want to see rewilding flourishing across Britain. We’re trialing a new Incubator Fund to help remove barriers to rewilding projects, particularly those that are in the early stages and are taking an innovative approach to land and marine management. Projects anywhere in Britain working to rewilding principles and part of the Rewilding Network can apply — we will award the funds to those with potential for the highest impact for people and nature.

The first round of the Incubator Fund is now closed. We are piloting this application process and aim to open a second round of funding in early 2022.

Incubator Fund Criteria

  • The Incubator Fund is available only to Rewilding Network members, comprising community, private and public landowners and managers of rewilding areas on the land and sea. The pilot stage of the funding is available to projects who are rewilding more than 100 acres of land as well as marine projects of any size.

  • If you aren’t a Rewilding Network member but would like to be considered, please join here.

  • We strongly encourage communities and farm clusters to apply - particularly to help create scale and connectivity within local areas.

  • If you are rewilding less than 100 acres you can still be eligible to apply for funding. We encourage smallholdings projects to connect with others to form a group or cluster with a shared vision to apply. All smallholding projects must join the network to be eligible, and you must provide information about your shared vision and how you plan to work together.

  • All applicants must display an understanding of and commitment to our rewilding principles.

  • All applicants must be able to demonstrate why they need funding/intervention now, and why they cannot access this funding from other sources.

  • We particularly welcome applications from innovative approaches to rewilding that would help develop learning and evidence for others within the network.

  • Your rewilding project must be located in Britain.

  • Your land-based rewilding area must be over 100 acres (for land-based projects) - this can be an individual landholding or a cluster of landholdings.

  • Your marine-based area can be of any size to be considered.

  • Funding for up to £15k will be considered (we expect the majority of grants to be below £10k).

  • The funding must be spent within 15 months. Please detail in your application how you plan to work to this timescale.

  • All projects supported must measure and report on their progress every quarter.

  • All successful applicants must agree to share stories and lessons learnt for the wider Rewilding Network and for the public.

  • Funds can also be used to pay for direct interventions or expertise that your project requires.

  • The fund aims to support works that could potentially unlock further funding or move your project up the rewilding scale. Examples of potential applications include: Business plans and strategies, community engagement activities and co-design, feasibility studies, technology and innovation.

  • Funding will not be provided for land purchase or capital costs such as fencing

Step 1: Make sure you are a Rewilding Network member. If you aren't then please apply before you make your funding application.

Step 2: Check our announcements in the new year for our next round of funding. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the next round!

Frequently asked questions

Rewilding is restoring ecosystems with enough space to allow nature to drive the changes and shape the living systems on which we all depend. Scale may come from single landholdings or through joining up so nature can thrive from mountain top to doorstep, from source to sea. For the pilot stage of the funding we are restricting applications to greater than 100 acres as this will provide enough space for nature to start to lead the way. We welcome applications from groups of landowners working together towards a shared vision who are rewilding 100 acres or more together - please make this clear in your application (only one application will be required per group of landowners).

Yes, if you are a landowner, land manager or project manager and are rewilding you can join our network. Find out more here. Please only apply for incubator funding after you have joined the rewilding network.

Yes - the incubator fund is aimed at removing barriers to rewilding projects. This could be at the early planning stages of a project or it could be for existing projects wishing to move up the rewilding scale. We want the fund to enable projects to move one step wilder (or more). And we want this emerging approach to keep developing and learning through evidence.

You can apply for up to £15k within your application. Please do not apply for any more than this.

The incubator fund aims to support elements to the project that can then remove barriers and unlock further funding. It is unlikely that projects will be able to fully start up with this sum of money. Consider whether there are any elements, such as business plans or feasibility studies, that will help you to unlock further funding and then apply to the incubator fund to get started! Perhaps also this funding could help lever further funds from elsewhere?

Yes, you can apply again but consider tailoring and adapting your application when you re-apply. Keep an eye on our social media channels for information about the next round!

We’ve set up a small steering group to short list the applications. Once the applications have been shortlisted they will be subject to a detailed assessment using set criteria linked to our Rewilding Principles. The assessment criteria includes: funding (are there alternative options available?); alignment with our Rewilding Principles; degree of innovation and learning; consideration of the business concept and long term viability and sustainability; understanding of monitoring and evidence-building and financial strategy.

We hope that the pilot will be successful and that we’ll be able to continue to offer the fund in the future.

If you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered here, please contact [email protected]​rewildingbritain.​org.​uk

Thank you.

The Incubator Fund has been made possible through funding from the Evolution Education Trust, The Vintry, Charles Langdale and others


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