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Our top 10 rewilding podcasts

Podcasts, don’t you just love them? A whole world of learning in your pocket. Great for washing up, commuting, winding down, and exploring new ideas. With thousands of them out there on all sorts of subjects, we help you tune in to the best podcasts dedicated to rewilding.

Published 27/12/2023

Illustration of fox sleeping, with the words "Knepp Wildand Podcast - By Penny Green"

1. Knepp Wildland Podcast

A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in one of Britain’s best-known rewilding sites, deep in the heart of Sussex. The project’s infectiously enthusiastic ecologist Penny Green leads listeners on a journey to encounter the wildlife, uncover the secrets and meet the remarkable people behind the pioneering project. Their first ever episode, which is all about the nightingale and features the bird’s glorious song, recently celebrated 10,000 downloads.

Green graphic with natural silhouettes and words "Rewilding the world"

2. Rewilding the World, with Ben Goldsmith

When it was announced that environmental advocate Ben Goldsmith, who’s rewilding his own farm in Somerset, was starting a podcast, everyone in the rewilding world paid attention. Throughout the series Ben talks rewilding deserts, islands, mountains and more with experts from across Europe. And in Episode Seven: What is Rewilding? he sits down with Knepp’s Isabella Tree and Rewilding Britain’s Alastair Driver to deconstruct the concept of rewilding.

Illustration of mountains with the words "The Rewild podcast"

3. The Rewild podcast

Join wildlife photographer and film-maker James Shooter on a fabulous journey to Rewilding Europe’s nature recovery sites, from the Highlands in Scotland and Spain all the way to Portugal’s Greater Côa Valley. One of our favourite episodes is Episode 2: Seawilding, where James dives into the marine restoration work of Rewilding Network member Seawilding, where the team is rewilding seagrass beds and oyster populations while supporting green jobs.

Image of squirrel with microphone with words "Trees a Crowd with David Oakes"

4. Trees a Crowd

Enjoy a series of informal conversations with artists, scientists and enthusiasts celebrating the beauty of the environment and the way it inspires them as human beings. Hosted by David Oakes — artist, actor and ambassador for the Wildlife Trusts and Woodland Trust — the podcast covers everything from the return of the marsh warbler to an interview with campaigner Chris Packham. We recommend the episode on Kent Wildlife Trusts ambitious bison reintroduction project, to whom we recently awarded our £100K Rewilding Challenge Fund to fulfil their rewilding vision for this ancient woodland.

Graphic of  Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd with the text "Reasons to the cheerful"

5. Reasons to be Cheerful 

As its title suggests, this is the ideal podcast to help you feel hopeful about the state of the world. It sees politician Ed Miliband and radio presenter Geoff Lloyd get together with smart thinkers and inspiring campaigners from around the world to unearth bold ideas to create a better society. In Throwing Shade: Why you’ll never take trees for granted again the duo discuss the magic of trees, from ancient to urban woodland, with a range of experts including our very own CEO Rebecca Wrigley. 

Microphone on table in countryside with words "Wilder podcast"

6. Wilder Podcast

Follow the rewilding journey of couple Tom and Chloe Constable, who’ve been restoring nature at a farm in Wales since spring 2023. The podcast delves into their Grange Project which is kickstarting natural processes, creating educational facilities and offering nature tourism opportunities to support health and wellbeing. In Episode 6: Restoring the Wild the hosts chat to Rewilding Britain Director Alastair Driver about our vital work in helping to unblock the challenges to rewilding by influencing policy. 

Bee on a thistle, with words "Nature Tripping. Out in the wild with Cathy and Jo"

7. Nature Tripping

Based on the simple idea of making small audio trips to explore nature in Britain, this podcast takes you into the woods, up to the moors, down to the riverbank, on to estuarine mudflats and even across the sea to remote islands. Sound design enthusiast Jo Kennedy, along with Cathy Shaw, combines the relaxing sounds of local landscapes with informative conversation. The pair join Alastair Driver on a visit Rewilding Network member Broughton Estate in Yorkshire in Episode 24: Rewilding, to learn how rewilding is helping this once heavily grazed 3,000-acre estate bounce back.

Graphic of clouds and trees with words "Planet possible"

8. Planet Possible 

This podcast tells the stories of the people paving the way for positive planetary and societal change. Host Niki Roach leads you through big issues from adaptation and resilience to climate change to improving equality, diversity and inclusion in the environment sector. Season 4, Episode 1: Nature Recovery is co-hosted by Rewilding Britain’s Sara King and features Natural England Chair Tony Juniper

Trees with words "Into the wild podcast"

9. Into the Wild

Dedicated to nature, wildlife and conservation, Into the Wild is just the right mix of informative, realistic and fun. Each month, hosts Ryan Dalton and Nadia Shaikh offer listeners a run down on recent global conservation news and take a deep dive into a specific topic. Episode Six: Nature Room 101 stars the inspirational Lee Schofield, who heads up RSPB Haweswater’s rewilding project, as featured in our Meet the Rewilders series.

Graphic of a planet with the words "Eco Chamber from ENDS Report"

10. The Eco Chamber

In this cleverly named weekly podcast, the ENDS Report editorial team rounds up the biggest green news stories, shares the latest policy gossip, and takes a forensic look at some of the more deep-rooted environmental issues. We’d recommend Episode 42, in which Rewilding Britain’s Alastair Driver talks lynx, beavers and tackling rewilding myths. 

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