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Press releases

Media Statements

Animal reintroductions

We know from bone evidence that many species including the Eurasian lynx, wolf, brown bear, bison, elk, sturgeon and a handful of species of whales to name a few, roamed the length and breadth of Britain. Over centuries, Britain has lost many keystone species at a detriment to a flourishing natural environment — causing trophic cascades where ecosystems can’t function properly. That’s why the reintroduction of keystone species is a key element of rewilding in Britain. 

We support the re-establishment of Britain’s extinct keystone species through legal reintroduction programmes as advised by the use of the IUCN species translocation and reintroduction guidelines. However, we believe that missing species should not be re-established in the UK unless there is widespread consent and support for their restoration, including within rural communities. The final decision should be taken with local communities and landowners. We take a long-term view on this, recognising that the reintroduction of some species may be a decision for future generations. 

UK Agriculture Bill

Read our response to the UK Government’s consultation on the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELM).

Natural regeneration and tree cover

Read our response to the UK Government’s England Tree Strategy Consultation.

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