Wilder National Parks | 28 July

Join us for 90 minutes as we delve into our new campaign, release our exciting new visuals for wilder national parks and showcase inspiring examples of projects already rewilding across our national parks.

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Date And Time

Wednesday 27 July 2021
19:00 – 20:30


We all have a vested interest in making our national parks wilder. Despite some superb conservation initiatives, our national parks are nature-depleted and shadows of what they could be, unable to cope with the climate and extinction challenges we face. We’re urging the creation of core rewilding areas across 10% of our national parks and another 50% as nature recovery areas with a mix of habitats.

They can aid nature’s recovery and pave the way for thriving nature-based economies, jobs, and happier, more resilient communities that live and work within national parks. Wilder national parks will also boost our mental and physical wellbeing and provide endless opportunities for exploration, exercise and children’s development.

But what do we mean by wilder national parks? What could this look like? What steps can get us there? What’s already underway?


19:00: Opening — Emma Oldham, Digital Communications Manager (Rewilding Britain) Welcome to the event, housekeeping rules and introduction to Rewilding Britain.

19:05: Introduction to Wilder national parks campaign — Guy Shrubsole, Policy Coordinator (Rewilding Britain) What are we calling for? How do we get there? Campaign progress.

19:10: How NP Management Plans can be influenced — David Morris, Area Manager (RSPB)How we can influence national park’s management plans. Case study: Lake District NP’s draft management Plan.

19:15: National park authority campaign endorsement — Dr Briony Fox, Nature Recovery Team (National Parks England) Why they support our campaign.

19:20: What does rewilding our national parks look like? Guy Shrubsole, Policy Coordinator (Rewilding Britain) A visual walk through our uplands animation (this will be our prerecorded narrated video).

19:30: Break

Rewilding our National Parks is underway! We’re showcasing some of the incredible rewilders already proving an impact in our national parks.

19:35: Mar Lodge — Shaila RaoMar lodge is an example of rewilding pinewood, resulting in a wildly beautiful landscape. A National Trust project where golden eagles have returned alongside pine martens and capercaillie. Shaila will be focusing on how they’re reducing grazing pressure to aid nature’s recovery.

19:45: Exmoor National Park Authority — Ali Hawkins (Ecologist)What does their nature recovery vision look like? Why do they have one? How can our campaign help achieve this vision?

19:55: Wild Peak – Phoebe Cox (Engagement Officer)Wild Peak is a partnership of local landowners, community groups, businesses and organisations and local people who believe in a Peak District fit for the future. Phoebe will be focusing on the importance of partnerships between small-scale rewilders and farmers to successfully rewild our national parks.

20:05: Rewilding Welsh national parks — Iolo Williams (Welsh Naturalist & TV Presenter)

20:10: Q&A session with panelists including:

Guy Shrubsole
David Morris
Phoebe Cox
Shaila Rao
Alastair Driver

20:25: Ending remarks, Emma Oldham


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