West Dorset Wilding

West Dorset Wilding is a new landowner-led charity based in West Dorset that aims to:

  1. Raise landowner, farmer and land managers’ understanding of, and engagement with, the approaches used in rewilding and regenerative agriculture, and the rationale for the reintroduction of native species
  2. Be involved in, or lead the implementation of, rewilding & reintroduction schemes which meet the mission and vision, starting with beavers
  3. Increase wider public understanding of this approach to nature conservation and the wider benefits to nature, the environment and wellbeing that it can bring through increased access and improved connection with nature

The emerging network will be focusing on the river Brit catchment, an area of about 10,000ha. This catchment already includes the 450-acre free-roaming area at Mapperton, extensive wood pasture in the Simene valley, and beaver enclosures at four sites. The aim of the group is to connect up these areas and show how rewilding can form part of a mosaic of nature friendly land uses.

The group invites landowners, land managers and farmers in the local area to get in touch. It will also be aiming to promote the rewilding and nature recovery initiatives in the area through events.

Image: Mapperton Estate

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