Northwoods Rewilding Network

The Northwoods Rewilding Network is an exciting and pioneering initiative bringing a joined-up approach to rewilding in Scotland.

The aim of the national network is to enable effective rewilding actions grounded in best practice, and to deliver positive ecological, environmental and socio-economic outcomes. Connectivity across the landscape is key, and partnerships will allow projects to create wildlife corridors and work together to amplify natural processes.

People are a part of nature - the network demonstrates innovative new models of land management and the range of nature-based business opportunities rewilding can drive. It will also create a shared brand and vision for new businesses to thrive within rewilded landscapes.

Drawing on the rewilding knowledge and expertise in the SCOTLAND: The Big Picture team, Northwoods delivers tailored support with a strong emphasis on:

- Application of rewilding best practice

- Financial and business development support

- Communications and storytelling resources

Get involved

The Northwoods Rewilding Network is open for any landowners with land between 50 and 1,000 acres in Scotland looking to start rewilding their land. Partners sign up to a memorandum of understanding outlining the commitments on both sides, including the core rewilding principles that underpin the network. The Northwoods team provides tailored advice, strategy and expertise as well as on-going project support. Request a partner prospectus and apply to become a partner here

If you don’t own land, but would like to get involved, you can donate to their campaign to develop the network here

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