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Webinar: Hedging your bets

An example of conservation hedge laying
An example of conservation hedge laying  © Jonathan Thomson / Underhill Wood Nature Reserve

This webinar was held for members of the Rewilding Network on in November 2022.

This webinar focused on how to maximise biodiversity within smaller scale rewilding projects. We welcomed Harry and Jonathan (from Underhill Wood) to provide some results from a recent research project. 

This study investigates the effects of the conservation hedgelaying technique on invertebrate assemblages with regard to species diversity and invertebrate density, as a possible method of improving the conservation efforts for invertebrates in a cost and labour effective manner.

Data collected from the Underhill Wildlife Nature Reserve (UWNR), East Knoyle, found both species richness and invertebrate density to increase with maturity of the hedgerows managed using conservation hedgelaying, as well as patterns on the taxonomic family level such as increases in Araneae, Aphididae and Entomobryidae.

Hedging your bets: The effects of conservation hedge laying on wildlife

Smaller Scale Rewilding: Hedging your bets: The effectives of conservation hedge laying on Wildlife

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