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Webinar: Connecting Up Smaller-Scale Rewilding

How members of Devon Wildland are scaling up rewilding in their local area by working together to share resources and expertise.

Wildflower meadow at Embercombe in rural Devon
By following rewilding principles the land at Embercome has burst into life  © Embercome

This webinar was held for members of the Rewilding Network on in August 2022.

In this webinar, Rewilding Britain welcomed two Network members, Kate Morley from Hill Crest in Devon and Laura Fairs from Embercombe, to talk about how to rewild on a smaller scale. They discussed their experience and what they’ve learned from their projects in Devon, to help other rewilders on their journey. They also covered scaling up efforts as part of Devon Wildland.

Smaller Scale Rewilding: Hill Crest, Embercombe & Devon Wildland

Smaller Scale Rewilding: Hill Crest, Embercombe & Devon Wildland

The Rewilding Network aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and experiences to catalyse practical rewilding across Britain. We host a range of events and webinars, like this one, focused on key topics as well as highlighting experiences from Network projects.

To gain access to future events, check if you’re eligible to become a member of The Rewilding Network. Membership is free.