People and rewilding

We are a part of nature, not apart from nature. But over time we’ve been pulling away, taking too much and losing too much. Rewilding is our chance to reconnect. Restore nature and restore ourselves. 

People are the heart and soul of rewilding. Finding our place in nature is key. We need to come together to forge new livelihoods and new opportunities. Ensure that everyone benefits from a richer, greener, cleaner world. Because if nature thrives, we thrive.

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Reconnecting w nature Mark Hamblin SBP

People’s place in nature

Our disconnection with nature has caused damage to the planet and ourselves. Rewilding can help re-establish our place

SeaGrown kelp harvesting

Nature-Based Economies

By putting nature at the heart of a green recovery, we can drive locally-led economic regeneration in a way that is good for nature, climate and people