Our funding

Rewilding Britain is an independent charity committed to catalysing rewilding and influencing rewilding policy across all of Britain.
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How are we funded?

We rely on donations and legacies from members of the public to help us upscale rewilding to fight the climate emergency and the catastrophic extinction of species.

Rewilding Britain is also grateful to a diverse range of charitable foundations and corporate donations which form almost three-quarters of our funding. 

Every penny counts! 

Thank you to all our funders, including

There are many more we’d like to thank, so please find more details on our annual report.

Thank you also to our growing number of corporate partners.

Income breakdown

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Where does the money go?

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Download our annual report here.

Thank you

Mark Hamblin Scotland BP

We are truly grateful for the support — financial and otherwise — from every single person, charitable trust and business who shares our vision for a wilder, healthier future for people and planet. You are too many to mention! 

Rewilding Britain’s supporters are at the heart of what we do. Every donation we receive makes a difference — allowing us to create more rewilding opportunities across Britain. 

Read our fundraising promise here.

The impact of your money allows us to: 

Think big
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We may be small but we are fierce pioneers who are passionate about the positive role of rewilding in restoring our ecosystems and reversing the decline in wildlife. We’re not alone — we’re proud to work with so many others who share our vision. Find out more

Change minds

Our petitions have sparked parliamentary debates, rewilding features in legislation and regularly hits national news. We’ve helped make rewilding an accepted part of mainstream debate about the future of our land and seas. Find out more.

Act wild
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We’ve helped support and inspire hundreds of landowners — whether big or small, private or state owned, NGO or community group — to start to put rewilding into practice over a range of scales. And through the Rewilding Network we will be able to support and connect up many more across Britain. Find out more

Prove impact
Paul Harris Scotland BP

We publish research into the positive impact of rewilding — on flooding, on carbon capture, on enriching habitats — push on closed doors and claim a seat at the top tables, inspiring a groundswell of interest and support from enthusiasts who want to start rewilding. 

Find out more

Share your support

To help support Rewilding Britain financially, you can donate here.

Main image: Mike Erskine
Capercaillie: Mark Hamblin/​scotlandbigpicture​.com
Humpback: Trevor Scouten/​Wildscreen
Forested landscape: scotlandbigpicture​.com
Underwater gannet: Richard Shucksmith/​scotlandbigpicture​.com
Volunteers: Paul Harris/​scotlandbigpicture​.com