The world we want to see

We want to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the species extinction crisis and climate emergency. We want to live in a world where we face up to the scale of destruction we’re heaping on this Earth, put an end to further degradation and start to recover what we’ve lost. 

Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself. It has a vital role to play in the challenges we face. In the world we want to see, we all recognise and take responsibility for this. We all understand that we’re part of nature and not separate from it, that we can only thrive if nature thrives.

Rewilding re-establishes natural processes and allows them to lead the way, free from set outcomes and fixed end points. It encourages the return of threatened and missing species and embraces the ebb and flow of nature, allowing animals, plants, birds and the elements to shape our landscapes and habitats over time. Acceptance over dominance is vital in the world we want to see.

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Creag Meagaidh SBP MH
Credit: Bamff Estate & Dave Maric
Bison2 herd SS

We urgently want to see an expansion of nature’s recovery across Britain, restoring and connecting up areas of rich natural habitat across at least 30% of Britain’s land and seas by 2030. Our vision is at least 5% of Britain rewilding, with 25% returned to broader mosaics of nature-friendly land and marine uses — including farming, forestry and fishing. We see this expansion reversing biodiversity loss and enabling nature to bounce back, helping us adapt to climate change as our complex ecosystems find their own answers.

The world we want to see encourages a relationship between people and the rest of nature where we all benefit and thrive. We want to see opportunities for communities to diversify and create sustainable, nature-based economies. We want to see people reconnecting with the wonders of wild nature, improving their physical and mental health. We see this transformation as a long-term commitment, secured for the benefit of future generations.

The world we want to see is one of hope — where the incredible hum and thrum of life replaces pollution, decline and destruction. It’s a world where our soils are healthy, our rivers are clean, and our land and seas rich and diverse. And it’s a world we know is possible, if we only choose to make it happen… 

“Environmentalism in the twentieth century foresaw a silent spring…rewilding offers the hope of a raucous summer”
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George Monbiot

Our Strategy 2020 – 24

We’re at a critical point when rewilding could make a massive impact on our future — so our mission at Rewilding Britain is to champion it, acting as a catalyst for debate and action. We are hugely ambitious about releasing the power of wild nature to tackle the existential threats facing our world.

Our strategy, using our reputation for punching above our weight’ and as the leading voice for rewilding in Britain, focuses in three areas: 


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We work with a wide range of experts, organisations and practitioners and create networks to share research and practice.


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We raise awareness and understanding about rewilding, engaging with enthusiasts who want to learn about rewilding, start rewilding themselves or to support it.


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We advocate policies and legislation which promote rewilding and ensure that it has political, financial and practical backing.

Images: Red fox — Ray Hennessy 

Stag Beetle — Terry Whittaker 

Crab — R Shucksmith 

Grey Whale — Mogens Trolle 

Creag Meagaidh landscape — Mark Hamblin/

Landscape — Bamff Estate & Dave Meric 

Bison herd — Martin Prochazkacz