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Rewild your wardrobe with our ethical, sustainable merchandise

Show off your inner wildness, or buy a tote bag as part of a low-waste lifestyle. All purchases help us upscale rewilding across Britain so people, nature and the climate can reap the benefits. All clothing is plastic-free and made from sustainable and natural materials. Each item is also printed on demand and powered by renewables.

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Shop with businesses and brands who support Rewilding Britain

We’re really lucky to receive the support of some wonderful and ethical businesses, big and small, who donate to our work when you shop with them. You can browse them all below and click through to their stores.

Kite Nest shampoo


KiteNest is a family of families creating handmade natural cosmetics in the heart of Lincolnshire. All of our products are small batch, zero-waste and cruelty-free, giving consumers an ethical and eco alternative to the cosmetics they love.

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Nuisance Drinks

At Nuisance, we make premium, botanical-based soda mixers inspired by the British countryside. Sip us or mix us! Each of our drinks can be enjoyed straight up or served with the world’s finest spirits.



Pakatak stock a range of wildlife trail cameras for recording video and images of wildlife in your own garden or for wildlife surveying in your local area. 25p from every trail camera sold is donated to Rewilding Britain, we are very proud to support such an important cause.

Scrumbles shopping


Family company Scrumbles make recipes for cats and dogs tailored for digestive health, and donate 1% of their sales to supporting environmental causes.

Primal Pantry

The Primal Pantry

The Primal Pantry believe in less is more. Not just for our bars, but for the impact on the planet too. That’s why The Primal Pantry have partnered with Rewilding Britain as part of their 1% for the Planet donation. When you buy a Primal Pantry bar you can trust that you are making a better choice.

Rewilding Britain supporters can use the discount code: PRIMALWILD20

Wild Heart Coffins

Wild Heart Coffins

I am a willow coffin maker based in Warwickshire, and believe passionately in the need for more awareness and education around death and dying and the impacts that both our lives and deaths have on the world around us. For every coffin I make, I donate 5% of the proceeds to Rewilding Britain to support their work in the large scale restoration of nature.

Online shopping

If you’re shopping online or just searching the web, you can raise money for Rewilding Britain. There are a few platforms that will allow you to donate whilst doing your shopping and searching — they’re free and easy to use! Below are the services we are registered with. Please note that we’re not endorsing these platforms, but if you’re busy online it’s an easy way to support our work.

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With Easyfundraising, you can also sign up to have online retailers give us a small percentage every time you make a purchase. It costs you nothing, but helps us a lot!

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Use Everyclick as your online search engine so that you can raise funds for Rewilding Britain with every web search you do – at no cost to you! £1,954.17 has already been donated to us with Everyclick!

Give as you live logo

Give as you Live

With Give as you Live you can shop online or buy travel tickets with thousands of leading stores and Rewilding Britain will receive a percentage of what you spend.

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The Giving Machine

The Giving Machine is another online shopping portal that generates donations when supporters make purchases from retailers via the portal.

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You can also easily donate to Rewilding Britain’s work when you make pay for purchases with Paypal by setting us as your favourite
charity here.

And there’s more

There are other online schemes to help you donate a percentage of a purchase. Let us know if you’d like us to sign up with any others that you use.

If you want any other information or need some help, please get in touch with us at [email protected]​rewildingbritain.​org.​uk