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Rewild your business 

We all need to work together to address the climate emergency and the catastrophic extinction of species. We welcome the valuable role that companies can play in helping rewilding flourish across Britain — especially a partner who shares the same values and vision as us.

Why work with Rewilding Britain? 

By working with businesses and organisations, Rewilding Britain aims to drive rewilding results that would not be possible otherwise.

You will be investing in a major step-change for nature and climate: 

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Increase the amount of carbon stored in land and sea, equal to around 10% of the UK’s carbon emissions (47million tonnes of CO2) every year.
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Catalyse nature recovery across 30% of land and sea by 2030.
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Advocate for rewilding as a vital and cost-effective response to the UK’s green recovery.
Credit: Bamff Estate & Dave Maric
Help get community-led rewilding initiatives off the ground all across the UK.
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You will contribute to resilient livelihoods and rural sustainability by working with and for nature.
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Inspire more people everywhere to start rewilding for people and planet.
“The concept of rewilding to restore and protect nature for future generations, while supporting communities, is a much needed social and environmental solution. We’re proud to be a part of making rewilding happen in Britain.”
~ Bruce Bratley, First Mile founder and CEO
Start your partnership with us 

We want to hear from the growing movement of businesses and enterprises who are determined to achieve a beyond net zero’ ambition, and to support rewilding approaches that lead to improved carbon sequestration and increased biodiversity. If this sounds like your business, or you have other ideas as to how we could work together, find out more with our Rewild your Business’ guide.

If this sounds like your business, or you have other ideas as to how we could work together, please get in touch at [email protected]​rewildingbritain.​org.​uk

Rewilding Britain retains the right to reject support from any organisation or individual whose objectives or activities are incompatible with our own objectives and values. 

Our corporate partners

Thank you to some of the great organisations and businesses that are already working with us: 

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First Mile

First Mile — Employees of First Mile have chosen us as their charity of the year since 2019.

This revolutionary waste and recycling company saw a synergy with their mission and the recovery of nature. They provide ongoing help raising funds and general awareness for Rewilding Britain. We keep them updated through webinars and presentations to their team, as well as linking them to others to help with volunteering opportunities.

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Lua Ltd

Lua Ltd designs beautiful hand-made bags, purses and gifts inspired primarily by nature and wildlife. 10% of profits on key wholesale ranges stocked by UK retailers are donated to Rewilding Britain.

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Backed by Statkraft 125-year legacy in renewable energy and influenced by Statkraft’s commitment to a better future, Mer, a European electric vehicle charging company believes sustainability should be incorporated in business strategy. One of their sustainable initiatives is to back Rewilding Britain in their effort to restore native habitats as they share our vision to protect biodiversity and our environment.

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Patagonia — Over the past three years Patagonia have generously provided grants for specific projects, in-kind support and raised an amazing £40k in an initiative to double our supporter’s donations within a fixed timeframe. We’re proud to benefit from the support of one of the world’s leading sustainable businesses that is dedicated to saving the planet.



Planthood -This brand new plant-based delivery box company is giving 1% of sales to further rewilding across Britain since the very start of its operations. We are also excited about sharing messages and thinking about other ways of partnering (they are expert film makers, so watch this space!).

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Re_​Set is a next generation strategy consultancy that ensures its clients thrive in a disrupted world. It specialises in understanding what’s next and how to make change happen at pace, with positive, sustainable impact. Re_​Set is powered by Springwise, the renowned global innovation intelligence platform for positive and sustainable change, giving it foresight into the most innovative thinking and ideas on the planet.

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Standard Life Aberdeen

Standard Life Aberdeen — Their staff voted to direct 10% of the company’s residual funding to the work of Rewilding Britain in 2019. We’ve since delivered a biodiversity boost’ talk to the company’s sustainability team, and are exploring further ways to partner with the company to help them realise their charitable giving and sustainability goals.

The Panoply

The Panoply

This multi-award winning, agile group of creatives, coaches, strategists and technologists are investing in Rewilding Britain in recognition of the need for transformational approaches to climate and ecological emergencies. They are committing an annual contribution to support rewilding across Britain to help give our species the best chance of survival in the face of an extinction crisis. 

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The regulatory hosting and fund management boutique has chosen to support us by making a contribution every time a new client is onboarded. Thornbridge staff are excited about the partnership and recognise that rewilding is one of the most transformational approaches to reversing biodiversity loss as well as fighting climate change.

Unique Homestays

Unique Homestays

Unique Homestays - For every booking made, this holiday location company donates to Rewilding Britain. They want to give back to the moorlands and mountains, coastlines and fells that provide incredible backdrops to the properties they represent.

Images: Main — scot​land​big​pic​ture​.com
Beaver — Greg S. Garrett/​WildScreen
Heath fritillary — Iain Leach
Wicken Fen — Justin Mins
Bamff Estate — Dave Maric
Apple orchard — Paul Haris/​scot​land​big​pic​ture​.com

Volunteers: Boarder Forest Trust