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Case study: TPXimpact

Through clever fundraising initiatives the digital experts bring their Planet Strategy to life.

Some staff from TPXimpact cleaning up a rewilding site
 © TPXimpact

Sustainability has been a key focus of TPXimpact since they were founded, so when the award-winning group of creatives, coaches, strategists and technologists were putting together their Planet Strategy they wanted to ensure the ecological emergency was at the forefront of their thinking.

We’re a group of companies who’ve been brought together to prove that purpose and profit can be successfully balanced in business,” says Neil Clark, Planet Officer at TPXimpact. For us, if the world continues in its current direction there comes a point where no business is profitable, so we need to change not just our working practices, but how we look at the world around us.” When researching where the organisation could focus their efforts, TPXimpact found that Rewilding Britain ticked a lot of boxes.

“We wanted somewhere our support could really make a difference, but we also wanted somewhere that would help to engage and educate our employees”

Neil Clark, Planet Officer at TPXimpact

TPXimpact employees at a rewilding site
 © TPXimpact

Alongside the annual corporate donation TPXimpact gives to Rewilding Britain, the company also approaches fundraising in two innovative ways. The first sees employees vote on which charity should receive a portion of their Christmas gift donation, and it says a lot about how well Rewilding Britain engages colleagues that it’s regularly near the top of the list.

Secondly, TPXimpact has created a pot of £100,000 and introduced a scheme in which, of the first 100 employees who complete their two volunteering days, each gets to choose where £1,000 of that fund goes.

“Since we started supporting Rewilding Britain it’s been lovely to see the team grow so much. There’s definitely been a raising of awareness about how rewilding works and why it’s beneficial”