Watch: Rewilding Britain’s five year anniversary webinar

Our first five years, upcoming plans & your questions

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On the fifth anniversary of the launch of Rewilding Britain, our founder and chief executive Rebecca Wrigley opened up to an audience of supporters, for our first ever webinar, to talk about the achievements and challenges so far.

Our communications manager, Emma Oldham, conducted the one-hour interview and covered:

Rewilding Britain — the first five years from Rewilding Britain on Vimeo.

  • Our Five Principles of Rewilding and how they shape our approach to rewilding
  • A run through of our biggest achievements in the last five years
  • The next big plans for Rewilding Britain
  • Questions from supporters, including queries on the need for Rewilding Britain to set up in the first place, and which animal Rebecca would like to see reintroduced to Britain? Hint: it’s smaller than you might expect…
  • The organisation’s confidence that rewilding will be included in ELMs and how we can overcome misconceptions and cultural barriers when it comes to wildness.

Thanks to all our supporters who took part. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and hearing your questions.

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