The difference we’re making

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Rewilding Britain’s vision is to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the climate emergency and extinction crisis.

When we launched five years ago, rewilding generated controversy and provoked polarised debate across the country. Governments wouldn’t openly accept a role for rewilding in land and marine management and conservation organisations rarely used the word in public, or acknowledged they were considering it on their land. But at Rewilding Britain we adopted an unapologetic, multi-track approach to establish the concept — and to get the word rewilding into wide public use. 

We prove impact

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We publish research into the positive impact of rewilding — on flooding, on carbon capture, on enriching habitats — push on closed doors and claim a seat at the top tables, inspiring a groundswell of interest and support from enthusiasts who want to start rewilding. 

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We change minds

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Five years on, our petitions have sparked parliamentary debates, rewilding features in legislation and regularly hits national news. We’ve even ensured it appeared in a story line on The Archers! Our five year anniversary blog highlights some of our achievements — our research, our campaigns and how we’ve helped make rewilding an accepted part of mainstream debate about the future of our land and seas. 

We think big

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We’ll continue to think big. Our strategy 2020 – 24 uses our expertise to catalyse rewilding in practice, to influence policy and legislation and to engage many more people to take action. We may be small but we are fierce pioneers who are passionate about the positive role of rewilding in restoring our ecosystems and reversing the decline in wildlife. We are not alone — we’re proud to work with so many others who share our vision.

We act wild

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We’ve helped support and inspire hundreds of landowners — whether big or small, private or state owned, NGO or community group — to start to put rewilding into practice over a range of scales. This informal network is now going places. And through The Rewilding Network we will be able to support and connect up many more across Britain. 

We’re also trialing a new Incubator Fund to help remove barriers to rewilding projects, particularly those that are in the early stages and are taking an innovative approach to land and marine management. Projects anywhere in Britain working to rewilding principles and part of the Rewilding Network can apply — we will award the funds to those with potential for the highest impact for people and nature.

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