About the network

A place for rewilding projects across Britain to connect, share and make rewilding happen.

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The Rewilding Network brings together rewilding projects and local rewilding groups across England, Scotland and Wales. It includes landowners, land managers and marine projects as well as local groups. Members are independent of Rewilding Britain.

The network exists to help those who are rewilding, or supporting rewilding, connect with each other to share experiences, ideas and expertise. It:

  • Provides the opportunity for people who are rewilding to get together, share experiences, offer advice and discuss the challenges and delights of rewilding
  • Maps rewilding projects across Britain to track progress and identify opportunities for connecting up areas to benefit wildlife
  • Offers unique practical guides and toolkits, and signposts the way to expert on-the-ground help and advice through an expert directory

Who can join?

The rewilding network offers membership to landowners, land managers, marine project managers and local rewilding groups. All we ask is that you are either rewilding land and sea already or you are planning to start rewilding. It’s free to join, and together we are supporting each other, sharing knowledge and ideas, and promoting rewilding in Britain. 

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How it works

Rewilding Britain established the network to bring people together, but it is made up of independent members all doing different things in their own ways.

Network members meet agreed criteria, which certify that their ambitions are true to rewilding. We will also be assessing larger projects to ensure that they meet these principles. We have a reference group, comprising 10 members, which helps to inform the future developments of the network.

Members get access to: a private online discussion forum where they can share knowledge and seek advice; unique events and webinars; an expert directory; and a range of technical guides. Members have the option to feature on our rewilding project map.

Why have a network?

The Rewilding Network grew out of hundreds of emails asking Rewilding Britain for help with rewilding projects. At the same time, we were talking to landowners and giving advice. When we heard of people in the same area sharing similar ambitions, we put them in touch with each other.

It became clear that we knew where there was interest in rewilding, but people on the ground weren’t always aware of that wider local interest. We wanted to develop a way for people to find and help each other, and to share their experiences and challenges.

The Rewilding Network provides a central meeting point for landowners, land and project managers, and local groups. It offers opportunities for collaboration and can help smaller landowners join up for larger-scale rewilding.

Rewilding and natural processes need a joined-up approach and there’s no single road map to follow. We believe we can learn and achieve far more together, through peer-to-peer exchange and learning, which will help upscale rewilding in Britain.

Future ambitions

Our ambition is to make the Rewilding Network as useful as possible to its members, to help make more rewilding happen on the ground. That’s it.

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