Cambrian Wildwood

The ambitious rewilding project in Wales wants wild ecosystems to thrive with people

Cambrian Wildwood

Cambrian Wildwood is a local community initiative dedicated to seeing the return of the natural wonders of Wales. The project aims to restore native habitats and bring back lost native animals. This would include species such as pine marten, red squirrel, and eventually wild boar and beaver.

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The initial focus is on 750 acres of degraded upland valley and moorland. In time, they plan to extend the wildwood to 7,500 acres (3,000 hectares). This would be through a mix of land purchase and partnerships with neighbouring landowners.

Cambrian Wildwood aims to reconnect people with nature by providing rich experiences in wild landscapes. They plan to create trails and wild camping zones, and to organise a range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

There will be programmes for schools and groups who don't normally engage with nature (such as urban young people). People of all ages will be able to learn about the wonderful native flora and fauna of Wales and how wild ecosystems work.

Cambrian Wildwood is about rewilding places, rewilding people and revitalising local communities.

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