Summit to Sea - O'r Mynydd i'r Môr

Our first project in mid-Wales aims to show there can be a different future for the land and sea, that works for both people and nature.

Summit to Sea (O'r Mynydd i'r Môr in Welsh) is an initiative to restore flourishing ecosystems and a resilient local economy, on a scale never before seen in Britain.

The project will bring together one continuous, nature-rich area, stretching from the Pumlumon massif - the highest area in mid-Wales – down through wooded valleys to the Dyfi estuary and out into Cardigan Bay. Within five years it will comprise at least 10,000 hectares of land and 28,400 hectares of sea.

Summit to Sea will involve:

  • restoring natural processes that provide the ecological functions on which we all depend
  • bringing communities together to create a shared vision for the future
  • supporting the local economy to diversify and establish new nature-based enterprises.

This will result in more opportunities for communities and visitors to mid-Wales to reconnect with the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Pioneering balance

From shaping the founding principles of the NHS to inventing technologies that have spread across the world, Wales has a long history of leading the way with new ideas.

In the sixteenth century, mathematician Robert Recorde published a book featuring the first use of the equals (=) sign. It’s now the universal symbol of balance.

Summit to Sea is an opportunity for the communities of mid-Wales to find a new sense of balance, between human enterprise and the rest of nature.

A successful bid to the  Endangered Landscapes Programme means that £3.4 million of funding is secured for Summit to Sea over five years.

This is new money, from outside Wales. It will support a significant, sustained effort to create new opportunities in the project area, and infrastructure to deliver change into the future.

Rewilding Britain is leading the formation of the project in collaboration with The Woodland Trust. We are responsible for delivering Summit to Sea’s objectives alongside our project partners ecodyfi, Marine Conservation Society (MCS), Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust (MWT), PLAS Marine Special Area of Conservation, RSPB, Wales Wild Land Foundation, WWF, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


A vision of this scale requires a coordinated effort between landowners, communities, farmers, fishers, foresters, public bodies, NGOs, businesses and relevant experts.

A locally-led Summit to Sea partnership is being established to co-manage the project with a legal entity that allows for revenue and other benefits to be shared.

Local people - stewards of the land and sea, and the wider community - will play an integral part in shaping and co-designing the project. 

What's next?

With funding secured, the project has appointed a project director, Melanie Newton. To find out more about Summit to Sea and subscribe to updates, visit

And if you would like to see more projects like Summit to Sea taking shape, please support Rewilding Britain

"I’ve been involved in conservation and community development programmes around the world for over 25 years now. More than at any other point I feel that we have a moment of opportunity, to demonstrate that renewal and hope is possible, for us, for the places we live in and for wild nature." 

- Rebecca Wrigley, Chief Executive of Rewilding Britain. Read more