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What is rewilding?

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Nature is our life support system, it’s the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the energy that sustains us. And it’s in trouble. Wildlife is in dramatic decline. Species extinction and catastrophic climate change threaten all life on Earth. We must take action. 

Nature has the power to heal itself and to heal us, if we let it. That’s what rewilding is all about; restoring ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself, and restoring our relationship with the natural word. Reconnecting with what matters.

Rewilding Britain’s vision is at least 5% of Britain rewilding, with 25% returned to broader mosaics of nature-friendly land and marine uses — including farming, forestry and fishing. We see this expansion reversing biodiversity loss and enabling nature to bounce back, helping us adapt to climate change as our complex ecosystems find their own answers.

Rewilding is hope for the future.

Main image: Pine marten, Mark Hamblin/scotlandbigpicture.com

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Defining rewilding SBP Peter Cairns

Defining rewilding

Rewilding takes a big picture, holistic approach to helping nature recover and flourish. Here’s our definition

Why rewilding SBP Neil Mc Intyre

Why we need rewilding

Rewilding can help reverse species extinction, tackle climate change and improve our overall health and wellbeing

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Examples of rewilding

Rewilding is about creating the conditions for nature to thrive, re-establishing natural processes to repair ecosystems and boost biodiversity