Adapting to climate heating

Britain’s climate zones are moving northwards by up to five kilometres a year due to climate heating. 

This shift — hundreds of times faster than the natural climate warming at the end of the last ice age – is set to outpace many species’ ability to adapt and adjust their ranges. For Britain’s wildlife this could be catastrophic.

Our report outlines how rewilding, by supporting the dynamic movement and re-establishment of ecological communities, can play a major role in climate adaptation. It proposes that, by restoring and connecting species-rich habitats across at least 30% of Britain’s land and sea by 2030, we can help save a fifth of species from climate-driven habitat loss, decline or extinction. By doing so we can ensure that Britain is once again teeming with wildlife.

30% by 2030

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Image: A Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) sitting a perch © Chris Hill/​Shutterstock