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Tamworth Pig Sketch 1e70c6531e713faba4fa40bacc01ce03

Rooting Around for Answers

  • Published 13 February 2019

Wild boar have a damaged reputation but create a kaleidoscope of habitats for other species. Izzy Taylor shares some thoughts from the field.

Red Deer Stag in the Rut Middle block Knepp Wildland x700 1e70c6531e713faba4fa40bacc01ce03

Second Nature

  • Published 19 November 2017

Charlie Burrell on Rewilding Britain’s focus on developing pilot projects around the country, and a visit by BBC’s Countryfile to his own rewilding project at Knepp

AFON Rewilding Workshop

Step forward the future of rewilding

  • Published 23 December 2015

A new generation of young, keen conservationists are waiting in the wings to get stuck in says Peter Cooper of the movement, A Focus on Nature