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Learning to live with lynx

  • Published 18 May 2018

The lynx reintroduction debate is about people and shared understanding. So we need balanced, factual information, as presented by a striking new book

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Living with predators

  • Published 19 September 2015

There’s room in Scotland for different land uses — farming and top predators can co-exist

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My adventures in rewilding

  • Published 27 January 2016

From reintroducing goshawks to planting woodland and digging ponds, falconer and farmer Nick Fox reflects on what rewilding has meant to him over the past 40 years

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New network to spearhead rapid rewilding across Britain

  • Published 22 July 2020

A new project spearheading rapid and massively upscaled rewilding will be launched by Rewilding Britain later this year, to tackle the nature and climate emergencies, and help boost green recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.