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Announcing first annual World Rewilding Day

On 20 March 2021 we will celebrate the first annual World Rewilding Day to expand awareness of rewilding, one of the most powerful and widely available methods for stabilising the climate crisis.

Trees for life volunteers
Trees for Life volunteers celebrate a rewilding job well done  © Trees for Life

Rewilding is the simple action of helping nature heal itself. Rewilding practitioners engage in a multitude of activities including reintroducing native species, protecting watersheds and restoring wildlands to their natural state.

A growing body of research shows that by restoring wildlands we can quickly and effectively achieve at least 37% of global carbon capture targets and increase the probability of avoiding the catastrophic effects of runaway climate change.

World Rewilding Day was born out of the planning that took place for the 11th World Wilderness Congress and the Global Rewilding Charter. Recognising the vast promise and potential encompassed in simple actions that allow nature to heal itself, scientists and conservation leaders started to coalesce around the idea that rewilding can empower millions of people around the world to take actions that restore nature and help combat climate change.

Rewilding Britain is at the forefront of the global rewilding movement and one of the planners of World Rewilding Day. 

When Rewilding Britain launched five and a half years ago, we were one of the few organisations in Britain using the word rewilding’. Today, thanks to David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, local rewilding projects and thousands of ordinary people, rewilding has come to epitomise hope in the face of ecological and climate catastrophe,” said Rebecca Wrigley, Rewilding Britain’s Chief Executive.

People really are at the heart of rewilding. Only we can make it happen.”