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How to start rewilding

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Rewilding is a journey with no set path and no fixed destination, but there’s a beginning. It starts with you making the decision to rewild – land, sea, water. There’s no one-size-fits-all route map but we offer 12 steps to rewilding to help you on your way.

Nature is diverse, dynamic, unpredictable and complex. Rewilding is not about managing it but freeing it to be all it can be. It’s a holistic approach that lets nature lead the way as much as possible – to grow, evolve and change on its own terms. 

It’s about taking actions that support life and restore life. That’s how to start rewilding.

Main image: Scottish wildcat — Peter Cairns/​scotlandbigpicture​.com

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12 steps to rewilding

If you want to start rewilding, or you’re just interested in a rewilding approach, then take yourself down our 12 steps