Help us build the rewilding network

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The Rewilding Network is now live!

Your amazing support to growing the network raised over £33,000, enabling the launch of Britain’s first learning and action network dedicated to supporting people who want to put rewilding into practice. The early stages include:

Early indications are that there is an even bigger need for help, for information and guides, for access to funding and advice, and for connections and networks. In only two weeks we have received over 680 enquiries! We’re so excited — this can only mean more rewilding potential than ever!Our appeal for funding the Rewilding Network is still open. 


Additional funding will pay to:

  • Develop a rewilding mapping tool and rewilding project modelling
  • Pay for future-proofed discussion forums
  • Set up an events programme and site visit opportunities
  • Develop more technical content
  • Establish an incubator fund to remove barriers from start-up rewilding projects

The potential to create larger and better connected rewilding areas is huge. The more we can put into the Network now, the best chance it has of making a really exciting impact on rewilding for people at all stages of their rewilding journeys.

If you want to become part of the Rewilding Network, SIGN UP HERE.

Main image: Guy Edwardes /​scot​land​big​pic​ture​.com

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