10 fundraising ideas for nature lovers

Charlie Macrae Tod 2
A sight to remember. Charlie's overnight stop at mile 55 of his walk from Lands End to John O'groats to fundraise for us (C) Charlie-Macrae-Tod

1) Set yourself a bird watching challenge. Are you ready for your best birding year ever? From the blue tits tucking into your garden feeders, to the gulls and oyster catchers at the coast — there are no restrictions on where you go birdwatching. It’s all about enjoying new birds and learning more about them. Can you tick off 50 feathered friends? Or even 200? Set yourself a target per bird.

Rewild your garden. Remove any slabs and stones and sow with wildflower seeds, lay down rotten wood and build a bug hotel. Set a target for every wildflower that grows, or pollinator that visits. Remember, insects attract hedgehogs, frogs, bats and birds!

John yunker Jwb Ke N5w BME unsplash
Starling (C) John Yunker

3) Climb a mountain. You can’t beat the satisfaction of reaching the end of a good challenging uphill walk. Pick your peak or go for a more obvious contender: Ben Nevis in Scotland is Britain’s highest peak at 1345m. Snowdonia is the highest in Wales at 1,085m, and England’s biggest climb is Scafell Pike at 978m. 

4) Create a Nature art auction. Contact your local art stores or favourite nature-loving artists and ask if they would donate a piece of nature-inspired art to a charity auction.

5) Host a wildlife quiz. Put your nature-loving family and friends to the test with a quiz. Play audio clips to get people guessing the birdsong or mating noises. Test their animal and tree leaf ID skills and natural history knowledge. Make it a virtual event for an even bigger turnout. Charge a small fee to enter and split the income 50/​50 to the winner and your cause.

Tom bradley E Oiscq X Pmk M unsplash
Robin (C) Tom Bradley

6) Wild Camping. For those who fear a night out in the open without their home comforts, this could be one for you! Challenge yourself to nestle on a beach, meadow or woodland under the stars. What critters will you meet? What wildlife will you hear?

7) Organise a dawn chorus walk. Challenge your friends to set their alarms at 4am to join you for a socially-distanced dawn chorus walk. Embrace the world at an intimate time — when roads and paths are less busy with people and more alive with brilliant birdsong. Do it together or meet virtually via Zoom across different locations.

8) Take a wild swim. Brave yourself to embrace chilly waters. Take a dip in exciting open water to raise donations. Find a wild swimming spot near you.

Erik dungan l N Ui7 W4iwok unsplash

9) Sell and make seed bombs & wildflower seeds. Make your own seed bombs, or buy wildflower seeds in bulk and package them up into little gifts that people can donate towards. Raising funds and creating wildflower meadows at the same time is a double win for rewilding!

10) Create a carbon exchange station. With permission from a supermarket or car park owner, set up a plant stall in a busy car park. Ask departing drivers to either purchase seedlings of plants or trees, or commit to planting them on their behalf. Call it a carbon exchange” — planting carbon-capturing plants for the pollution from their car trip. 

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