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Saving Scotland’s wild beavers

  • Published 28 August 2020

As Scotland’s beaver killing season restarts, action by the Scottish Government is needed to help wild beavers survive

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Beavers and flood risk management

  • Published 18 December 2015

Beaver man, Derek Gow, and Mark Elliott of the Devon Wildlife Trust, tell us about the role beavers could play in managing flood risk in Britain

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Bring on the revolution

  • Published 3 November 2015

Or, as Oxford academic Paul Jepson puts it, nature conservation badly needs an upgrade. Here he presents the case for experimental rewilding

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Extinction? Re-pelican.

  • Published 30 April 2019

Rebirding: Rewilding Britain and its Birds’ offers a bold look at the past, present and future of our avifauna.

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Flooding, trees and rewilding

  • Published 8 December 2015

We believe rewilding has a crucial role to play in Britain’s efforts to adapt to climate change.