Rewilding Network Connect — Ask an Expert

  • 7 July 2021
  • 12:00am
  • Online
  • Rewilding Network
Wild horse1 Exmoor pony SS


We are experimenting with a few different events to help network members access advice and knowledge. This event will be a open ask the expert’ live session. 

We will be welcoming Rina Quinlan to this first session. Rina is a wildlife guide at Knepp Wildland and works for Sussex Wildlife Trust. She specialises in the study of large herbivores in rewilding, particularly of equines and assist with management of the Knepp Exmoor pony herd. 

Want to ask about large herbivores? Pony behaviour? Bring your questions and pose them live to Rina! 

Missed the live event? You can watch it back here https://​vimeo​.com/​572190791​/​d​b​9​e​e​3b6b7