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Where can you rewild?

Nature recovery is vital across land and at sea. Our land has been deforested, over-grazed, burned and degraded. Our seas have been overfished, dredged and polluted. Land and sea are inextricably connected: salmon need healthy rivers to spawn, nutrients from the sea enrich our soils, kelp forests absorb tons of carbon. 

Everything is connected. Our urban spaces, our gardens and parks, are all part of the bigger picture. The more we can connect up nature-rich areas, and get natural processes working, the stronger our life support system will be.

Full rewilding may not happen everywhere but we can take a rewilding approach anywhere.

Image: Mark Hamblin/scotlandbigpicture.com

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Rewilding the land

We have the space but we need to collaborate and innovate to drive nature recovery and support people and communities into the future

Rewild the seas gannet

Rewilding the seas

Our seas have suffered centuries of unsustainable abuse. It’s time to rewild and restore the richness of ocean life

Rewilding water

Rewilding water

Healthy rivers, lakes and wetlands are vital for life on Earth, which why we need to rewild the water in our landscapes

Rewilding conservation

Rewilding and conservation

Conservation has been doing a vital job working for nature for decades. Rewilding is set to take it to the next level

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15 ways to a wilder garden

Think like a bird, be like a boar and get back to nature. Our top tips will make your personal green space a little wilder and more attractive for wildlife