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Ecology of rewilding

Natural processes shape our world. These endless interactions between plants, animals and the elements weave the great web of life. Restoring natural processes is the key to rewilding. Helping woodlands regenerate and our seas recover, letting rivers meander, connecting up habitats to help wildlife move and adapt. 

Rewilding is about encouraging the return of key species to chew and trample, build and tear, root and wallow, carry and chase. To do what they do to support and enrich life.

Boosting abundance and diversity of wildlife and habitats, that’s the goal. That’s the ecology of rewilding.

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Restoring natural processes

Restoring natural processes

Restoring natural processes is an essential part of rewilding. We explain what that means to rewilders across Britain

Beaver in water

Rewilding superstars

From the tiny to the massive, every species plays a part in the grand design of life. Here are some of the larger movers and shapers native (mostly) to Britain