Introducing the Rewilding Knowledge Hub – a ground-breaking new resource

The first online listing focused exclusively on the science and practice of rewilding

Rewilding is a powerful idea that more and more people all over Britain are embracing every day. But it remains a relatively young discipline and has so far lacked an easily accessible, centralised and dedicated body of reference material.

We are now meeting this need with the launch of the Rewilding Knowledge Hub, a project led by Dr Chris Sandom. Dr Sandom lectures in biology at the University of Sussex and specialises in rewilding and paleo ecology. 

Clear focus on rewilding

The Rewilding Knowledge Hub is an online resource that lists academic work, literature from governmental and non-governmental organisations and media articles. It currently holds more than 2800 pieces of work focused specifically on rewilding and all material has been carefully filtered and selected by our researchers.

The hub is easy to search and is set to become the go-to resource for anyone seriously interested in rewilding. It will be particularly useful to students, academics, practitioners and policy-makers considering definitions of rewilding, how different ecological processes function, how species are linked to ecological processes and the impacts and benefits of rewilding. 

Crucially, the hub will be a valuable tool for the development of effective rewilding strategies

A two-way exchange

The Rewilding Knowledge Hub is dynamic and interactive, so it will inevitably grow in size and authority over time, furthering the science of rewilding in the process.

Students are expected to be a key driving force in the hub’s development. This, in turn, will inspire future rewilding-based undergraduate and masters projects. We also anticipate that academic researchers will review the literature, identify knowledge gaps and deliver new insights. Additionally, our forthcoming Knowledge Exchange project will make material accessible to policy makers and practitioners.

If you would like further information please get in touch via [email protected]​rewildingbritain.​org.​uk.