Beavers are back for good in Scotland – and they will be protected

It’s time to celebrate a major step forward for the rewilding movement in Britain

Beaver and kit photo by Nick Upton naturepl com ce419d8d74fab983b43815692c12222a

The Scottish Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced that wild beaver populations in Argyll and Tayside will be allowed to remain and expand their range naturally.

Ms Cunningham also confirmed the species will receive legal protection, in accordance with the EU Habitats Directive.

Scotland will draw upon experience from reintroductions elsewhere in Europe and actively manage the species to minimise adverse impacts on farmers and other land owners.

Following the announcement, Helen Meech, director of Rewilding Britain said, We are delighted that beavers will be allowed to remain in the wild in Scotland. As recent trials have shown, beavers deliver huge benefits for both people and wildlife through improved water quality, reduced flood risk and habitats for a wide range of species.

We also welcome measures to manage the impact of beavers on farmers and other land owners. We urge the UK Government to put in place the same measures to protect and manage beaver populations in England and Wales.”