Policy and Campaigns Coordinator

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We believe that there is a great deal more that rewilding can offer in response to the urgency of the climate and ecological emergencies and in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Britain has an opportunity to become a world leader in its response as well as providing a more resilient, diversified future for many rural communities. This involves new and bold ideas, backed by strong leadership, that help to re-set how we in Britain approach our stewardship of land and marine areas.

To match the scale of ambition required Rewilding Britain is calling for the creation of climate corridors’ across 30% of Britain’s land and seas by 2030 to enhance, expand, and connect up vital areas of our rich native habitats so both people and nature can flourish. Of this we would like to see at least 5% rewilding areas, governed largely by natural processes, embedded within a further 25% as a wider mosaic of nature-friendly land and marine uses that enhance nature’s restoration and ensure local people can make a viable living.

We want to see rewilding, and its principles and benefits, increasingly embedded within government and other key organisational policies, with financial support available for its application. The imminent Agriculture Bill, Environment Bill and Fisheries Bill in Westminster provide real opportunities for rewilding to be incentivised and embedded within appropriate land and marine use policies as does the development of the post-CAP Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMs). The UN Climate Change COP26 and UN Conference on Biodiversity, while now postponed until 2021, also present major opportunities for rewilding’s contribution as a nature-based solution to be recognised. And in 2021 we start the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. All provide significant opportunities to influence change.

Key Role Purpose

Develop, research and deliver evidence-based policy influencing and campaigning activities which support the mainstreaming of rewilding into policy and practice across Britain. 

What we are looking for:

This is an exciting opportunity to develop something that really makes a difference. We are looking for someone who shares our passion for rewilding and the natural world and is:

  • A self-starter with initiative and motivation to get things done
  • A persuasive communicator with a track record of influencing decision-makers
  • Experienced in, and with an understanding of, the current UK and devolved nation policy landscape
  • Experienced in drawing together and articulating complex ideas in an accessible way
  • A successful campaigner with demonstrable experience of devising and implementing calls to action that engage and empower the public
  • Adaptable and able to respond quickly to an ever-shifting context.

You will be responsible for:

You will be expected to work closely with the Chief Executive, Director and other team members to:

  • Develop policy positions relevant to Rewilding Britain, and to communicate these in order to influence the external policy environment; 
  • Gather intelligence and research, summarise evidence and communicate learning in order to develop these policy positions
  • Plan and implement public engagement campaigns to support our policy activity, developing and applying research and evidence-based expertise
  • Write position statements and analyses on agreed issues in support of our organisational priorities including relevant consultation responses
  • Build coalitions and work collaboratively with other organisations, influencers and campaigns.
  • Contribute ideas and help develop Rewilding Britain’s overall influencing strategy
  • Advise communications team members on content in relation to social media posts when requested. 

Terms and conditions

This role will be for at least 4 days a week initially for 12 months at £25,000 to £35,000 pro rata per annum depending on experience. 

We are a virtual team who all work from home, which will require a suitable home office working environment and equipment. Some meetings may be held in other parts of the UK depending on government recommendations relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There will be some freedom for the person to determine their own working arrangements each week, within limitations, providing the work is delivered.


If you have what it takes to help us, please send your CV as well as a one page summary on the 5 steps you would take to make a success of the role’ to​[email protected]​by 5pm on Monday November 23rd. We aim to hold interviews via Zoom on December 8th.